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Dog Bite Claims

The most important element of dog bite claims is to establish ownership of the dog and the ability of such owner to pay the claim and/or the availability and applicability of public liability insurance as without a pocket to meet the claim there is no point in claiming.

Most dog bites occur on residential and agricultural premises where vicious dogs are kept for security purposes. This has increased dramatically in SA given the overwhelming prevalence of crime in this Country.

These claims are referred to as Pauparian actions where the owner of the dog or other domestic animal has strict liability once it is proved that the domestic animal behaved contra sui generis – contrary to its kind.

This means for example that a house dog is accustomed to the presence of people and would not normally be expected to bite. The situation would be difference in the case of a wild animal and the test there was whether the owner was negligent in not accommodating the animal where harm would not be caused to other persons.

The most common defence to such claims is that the victim entered the premises unlawfully or provoked the animal, and it is therefore important to gather evidence as to whether the animal in question had previously attacked people and which would negate such defences.
Damages claimable are:
  • Past hospital / medical expenses;
  • Future hspital / medical expenses;
  • Past and future loss of earnings;
  • General damages for pain & suffering.

Dog bite claim attorney

Have you been bitten by a dog?  If you have, you are entitled to claim from the owner of the animal.  There are however a number of important things to consider before you lodge your claim, and you should engage the services of a professional dog bite claim attorney to make sure that you have a valid case.   If you want to ensure your best chances of winning your dog bite case, you will need to engage the services of a professional dog bite claim attorney.  Let Bobroff’s professional and efficient attorneys handle your claim.

If you or anyone you know, has been a victim of a dog bite, and would like to have Ronald Bobroff & Partners Inc assist in helping you win your dog bite claim, please contact us or call us on 011 880-6781 or on our 24hour toll free number 0860 100 184

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